7-16-08 : Art Notes

I am pressed to believe in two incongruous notions. One in being a younger artist the work must take all the time it needs in order to develop unaffected by market pressures or recognition. This wisdom comes heart felt from many artists who have first hand experience with the vicissitudes of the creative life. I too agree that proper nutrition should be supplied to the work through time and struggle, a sort of ripeness. However, this 'maturation' approach increasingly appears counter intuitive to an ever changing contemporary existence, one which is filled to the brim with haste and expediency and thus is ever so difficult to contend with. We struggle with a glimmer of hope through our toil we work to survive until our mythological recognition becomes reality or until what we seek comes to fruition. * This is where I Remind myself of the journey as compared to a young sapling which knows it is a tree. It in time will grow broad and strong, tall and full. The sapling in age old wisdom is not in a particular hurry because it always seems to find time to dance in the sunny breeze. That is to say, life as a full experience, the wholeness of it. All tasks in a day through out a lifetime, though some seem banal, do in fact contribute to a larger repertoire- that is the self. 

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