Neon Yellow Glow

The neon yellow glow of her skirt beamed through like the morning sunrise in an eastern room. Out shining her beauty it could not be contained. It spilled out all over the stainless subway walls and constellation rubber floors. The world blind to it but one woman. Clad in black and white with brown fringe bag, she sees me. Seen seeing. A witness. A man gives his testimony blessing and thanking all and Jesus. The words fall short under the rumble of steel tracks and rolling wheels painted out by a neon yellow glow.

Rest Old Man

Rest old man, your tired eyes
Your dull pencil in Sudoku
Fire red skin from blazing sun
The days are getting shorter
Yet still just as long
Night is coming
Tomorrow is another day
Many are your fathers
Many are your sons
The past is in your face
Now’s the time
Until your time
They are special

See young man
Wise in years
A fool in years
Whiskey was my wish key
Many are your mothers
Many are your daughters
The present is in your eyes
Dawn will soon come
Your time is now
Sink your well well
Drink deep from the earth
Savor all fruits
You will come to know

NYC 8-22

A young Chinese boy is mesmerized by an old Jewish man's whispering mouth, the words from his holy book. A beautiful woman rests her eyes behind sunglasses. A little girl plays with her father's face while in his arms. That's New York. It's good to be here.