Red Head

She's so good at Tetris
and so bad at holding
onto subway poles
Her red coat
and red head
She's good at smiling
in every direction
A rosy complexion
especially with gin
She's my Russian
and with
a wink and a grin
we're home

Wood Turning

It spins so fast you pay attention to a fuzzy edge and the feel of your tool. Sometimes you can shave off a year or more of growth in one pass, a different kind of time machine. The motor hums and the chisel purrs as you bring shape to that which already had shape, bringing use to that which already had use.

Those Autumn Leaves

Those Autumn leaves
danced in the dark alley
in circles they swirled
like dervishes
as we folded fitted sheets
we danced around in socks
and flannel to a song
of the last dryer turning
The warm knitted blanket
soft in our hands
like we are soft in our hands
and the homemade pizza
warm in our mouths
as the cold wind looked on
through our window
in jealousy to what
we had happening
The oven gave off
a most welcome heat