Prediction True

Train dancers
should all be given
a TV show
so I can remote control
I don’t know if the dancing
hurts more or the music
and we are all monkeys
flying through space

Show time folks!
What time is it?
Show time!

Why, that brunette
has a big baguette!


New Friend

I pretended to sleep this morning
Although the hangover was real
I could not muster the courage
to say goodbye
Last night we all broke bread sharing food, whiskey and wine
We were all smiles and we were rich with joy and laughter
Now I am another floor mat of my own making
But you, you
you were a delight and now
In better body and mind
I wish you well on your
many journeys new friend


From Midtown

D Train to Ferlinghetti's
Coney Island Of The Mind
In Autumnal evening bliss
Lost in the text nearing
The Atlantic Ocean and
Grey dulling skies high
Again over the holy land
That borough land the
Land of Kings Brooklyn
Many tongues all of them
Speak the language of
Love high over car washes
And laundromats and buffets
Drugs, Wine and Liquors a
Slice of the American strip mall
Pie piled so high so high you
Could die an unnatural death
In this land this foggy land
Where the smell of Nathan's
Famous hotdogs penetrates
The haze of old glory



I found a strand of my wife's
hair on my coat sleeve.
Glimmering its synthetic red
I was not prepared to be
with a part of her
in that moment.
That strand
That strand
Was only a fragment
of the one I wholly
loved and did not
in that moment have.

Fathers and Sons

I see fathers
walk with sons
and think of
what a man is
a man in
this strange place
where he is
to become the
man he is
destined to be
I see fathers
walk with sons
on shoulders down
Sterling place and
Washington Avenue in
Autumn in America