Chime In

Bikers and walkers dodge
weaving between traffic
Those whispering cabbies
Millions of faces and smiles
murmurs and shouts and horns
Steel wheels of the subway roar
Jackhammers pounding floors
Trucks, balloons and parades
Church bells ring out the hour
Children play a universal play
Eat, drink and be merry
Back of the bus ponderer
Windows, signs and awnings
One block can be a poem
Friends, family and lovers
come and go and tomorrow
on a park bench in Brooklyn
a man reads his sheets
Resting a tired old head
on today's headlines
Somewhere near here
a jazz band swings old tunes
The people dance great dances
A tenor sax man wails
He gives and gives and they get
throw back stingy brim hat
and houndstooth suit
filling the room with color
painting without a brush

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